Stepmom Sex Ed


Bigtit mommy Crystal Rush wants to talk to her stepson, Jay Myers, about sex. Shes very concerned that Jay is not going to please girls when he is with them in a carnal way. Cornering Jay on the couch, she puts his hand on her boob as she tries pulling her dress down. She hasnt even gotten her bra off when Jay makes an excuse to run off to his room, but Crystal doesnt let that deter her. She waits until the next day, then goes to Jays bedroom and tries again. This time, Crystal doesnt give Jay a chance to run off. She picks up where they left off, withi his hands on her giant jugs. When she sees that Jay has a nice hardon, she shows him how mama takes care of business by opening wide to start sucking him off. A deep throat sloppy BJ primes Jay for more fun, but first mother needs to show her stepson how to eat a lady out. When they finally move on to the fucking, Jay takes Crystal from above first. Then his stepmom shows him how she likes it as she hops onto his dick and rides him, first in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. She gets Jay to keep her pleasure train going as she gets on her knees for some doggy and then lets him shove her up against the window for a no-holds-barred pussy pounding. Finally satisfied that Jay is going to make some lucky girl very happy, Crystal gets on her knees and sucks Jay off until he pops right in her face.

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Added on: January 27, 2023
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