Sakura Kirishima – Full Bloom Cherry


Sakura Kirishima – Full Bloom Cherry. Starring today, Sakura Kirishima! Her large puppy-dog eyes have a certain cute and sexual nature to them – and glamorous charm to boot with her DDD tits! She is also working hard as the full-blown leader of the idol group LULUDY. Her first scripted piece since her debut, Sakura is in high spirits, and left us little work to edit with her bright and refreshing charm. She looks great in her knit top and skirt, overflowing with a smart and casual style. She said she was happy that we were able to capture a lot of her, since shes always asked to take everything off soon after cameras start rolling. Rumors say the exercising scene is a must see since she likes her workouts – especially when shes working out that plump ass! Her Sakura smile comes out in full boom, taking all of you in with her abundant knockers and calm personality. Have your fill of the charms of Sakura that you dont normally get to see, and let her know how you feel at her next live event!.

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Added on: January 27, 2023
Updated on: September 25, 2023
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