Rika Ayumi – Silent Wild


Rika Ayumi – Silent Wild. Starring in this piece of work is Rika Ayumi!! A beautiful girl with a mysterious expression, whose lovely and virtuous charms arouse the male instincts! When the 19 year old takes a shower, her smooth skin easily repels the water!! Her appearance gives off a calm and gentle impression, but she also has a wild side to her, as her hobbies include touring on a motorcycle and boxercise. Rika recommends the hula hoop scene as her excited and animated figure can be seen in it. Another highlight are also the various hairstyles that are possible due to her long hair that extends till her chest!! The appearance of this beautiful girl with a calm demeanor when she swings her long hair and shakes her slender body is unbearably cute and sexy!!.

Actors: Rika Ayumi
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Added on: January 20, 2023
Updated on: December 4, 2023
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