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Showing all 2 results

There is a proverb in Hindi. ‘अपना हाथ जगन्नाथ’. It translates to, “My hands are enough”. The essence of this proverb is related to being single and using one’s own hands to masturbate and satisfy one’s sexual needs. However, with the wide acceptance of sex toys and masturbation tools, that may not stay the case forever. At adultscart, you can get all kinds of sex toys including sex dolls. These are life-sized dolls designed for sexual stimulation. These are also known as love dolls or blowup dolls.

A sex doll could be an inflated plastic doll resembling a woman and with three working holes to satisfy your lust. The vagina, anus, and mouth are made from silicone that can grip the erect shaft and offer a realistic sexual experience. Some sex dolls are made entirely of silicone and look hyper-realistic.

A sex doll is much better than a fleshlight or any other masturbation toy available for men. The reason is its life-like appeal and the fact that you can hold it as per your need. Having a sex doll could help you live your sexual fantasy. It can ease your uneasiness around masturbation, give you a satisfactory release, provide a practice set for real sex encounters, and easy to store.

Types of Sex Dolls

You can get your hands on a variety of sex dolls. Based on the material they are made of, there are two kinds of sex dolls:

Inflated/ plastic: These sex dolls are just like inflated plastic balloons. You can use your mouth or a pump to fill up the air in this thing and it will be ready. As already mentioned, the vagina, the anus, and the mouth of these blow-up dolls are made out of soft silicone material just like a masturbation toy.

Silicone/ TPE: The other category of sex dolls steps into the hyper-realistic area. These are made out of TPE or Silicone and resemble a real woman, except for having an extremely thin frame like a teenager and gigantic boobs like a porn star. You can also get a body type that you like. You can adjust the position of these dolls on the bed as per your liking and satisfying your needs using her vagina, anus, or mouth. Also, the experience with this doll is just like real sex, except the doll cannot move on its own.

Since inflated dolls aren’t that fun and the full Silicone or TPE dolls are too expensive, there is a middle ground. We also have some models of sex dolls that are cutouts of parts that you need. You can get yourself a torso with gigantic boobs, a vagina, and a nice set of buttocks. You can head over to to buy sex dolls online in India. We ensure that your identity is fully protected as we ship the item in discreet packaging. You can select from the wide range of life-sized and mini-dolls that we have on our website. You can also buy the accompanying lubricant.

How to use sex dolls

First and foremost, always keep the lubricant ready before you engage with a sex doll of any kind. You need to lubricate the penis as well as the opening of the doll before you perform penetration. Be wary of your weight and the quality of the sex doll. A blowup doll cannot support all of your weight. Also, avoid sharp objects as they could damage the inflated as well as the silicone doll. After the use, mix some soap in warm water and use this solution to clean the doll. Also, damp cloth in this solution and clean the visible marks on the doll. Once it is completely dry, you can place the in its packaging.