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Showing all 16 results

Imagine a portable vagina at your disposal, the one that can be hidden in plain sight in your apartment, disguised as a flashlight. Sounds cool right? Someone probably had the same idea in their head when they invented what we call today a ‘fleshlight’. It is an exceptional sex toy designed for men that replicates the insides of a vagina while also mimicking the outer appearance of the vaginal opening. Everything about a fleshlight is too real, with some ranking it even better than the actual vagina because of its textured interior and super soft feel.

The fleshlight Toys provide the feeling of actual sex where the penis thrusts the real vagina. It gives the freedom to be either used as a masturbation accessory or a tool to experience real sex. Using a fleshlight prepares you for intercourse by making you comfortable with the super-soft insides of the female genitalia. It helps build stamina so that you can last longer when the time comes. Also, fleshlight toys in India are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, forms, inside textures, and exterior appearances. You can even get exact replicas of molds of your favorite porn stars’ private parts.

As a sex toy, other advantages of the fleshlight include the following:
It is not too costly
It is super simple to use
It is easy to clean
It is easy to store

Where to buy fleshlight toys online in India?

You might have made up your mind to buy the fleshlight online in India but aren’t sure where to get one. Since you are here, let us give you the good news that you do not need to look further. At adultscart, we have a large collection of fleshlight toys that we deliver all over India. Our sex toys are best in quality and delivered to your doorstep in a discreet package. The name of the product is not mentioned anywhere so you can stay sure that your privacy is safe. So when you think to buy fleshlight in India, think about adultscart.

Types of fleshlights

If you think there is no chance of variation in a fleshlight toy, you couldn’t be more wrong. Even based on the type of entry, there are different kinds of fleshlights. There are some which represent the vaginal opening to help you imagine virtual intercourse, there are some mimicking anal opening for virtual anal sex, and there are those that are shaped like a mouth for virtual blowjob sensations. The insides remain the same with a softly textured layer. However, the texture itself keeps on changing for different kinds of sensations.

After this, there are fleshlight toys that borrow a little bit of technology. Some have a vibrator fixed at the end to help extend the sensations felt by the penis. Some fleshlights come with a suction cup and a mount to let you fix it to the bathroom wall or under the desk to help you enjoy virtual sex. Some come with both a vibrator and a suction mount.

How to use a fleshlight masturbation toy?

As already mentioned, fleshlights are easy to use. Take out the fleshlight from the case and soak it in warm water for a bit. Once the sleeve softens up, take it out and let the water rinse on its own. Now put the sleeve back in the case and adjust the tightness as per your liking. Now take out a water-based lubricant and apply it on the penis as well as the opening of the sleeve and its inside. And that’s it. Now what is right in front of you is not merely a sex toy for masturbation but a tool to enjoy the sensations of vaginal penetration and actual sex. After you are done, take out the sleeve from the case and wash them both with warm water. Once both the items are dry, put them back.

Things to remember: You should not share the fleshlight with anyone. It could get you infected with STDs. However, if you really want to share it with someone, then both of you should wear a condom while using the fleshlight. This way, both of you can stay safe as there will be no direct contact between the two of you.