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Showing all 7 results

There are sex toys for men. There are sex toys for women. Then, there are gender-neutral sex toys. One such sex toy (that fits in the last category) is an anal toy. We do not think there is a need for explaining why. It is popularly called a butt plug as it is commonly used for the same. Anal toys are designed to shut the rear hole of a person irrespective of their sex or gender.

What is the use of Anal Toys?

Anal sex toys need to be inserted into the rectum. This is done either for sexual pleasure or to extend the heights of sensations during similar activities. The anus also has nerve endings that can provide pleasure and when this hole is blocked, a man gets a better hard-on and the woman feels extra sensations inside the vagina.

Butt plugs are similar to a dildo or a vibrator but these are much shorter and have a flanged end. The size is as such because there is no need for them to be longer. The flanged end is there to stop them from falling inside the rectum. Unlike the vagina that closes at the cervix, the butt hole goes all the way to the sigmoid colon in the large intestine. If a foreign object happens to fall inside, you might need to go see a doctor. This is why you only need to use specialised anal toys for rear entry instead of regular female sex toys.

At AdultsCart, you can buy from a long range of anal toys in India. We have different kinds of butt plugs that can satisfy your every need, which in this case, does not go very far. With us, you can be sure of your privacy as we ship every adult product with discreet packaging. The name of the product is not mentioned anywhere on the parcel.

Types of Anal toys

Butt plugs come in a variety of colours, textures, and shapes. Some are designed to look like miniature penises, some are plain, and some are ribbed or have a wavy texture. The majority of anal toys have a cone-like shape where the tip is extremely thin and it gets wider and wider towards the bottom. The flared base is attached to the bottom via a thin shaft, making it almost look like a doorknob or a household item.

When it comes to material, anal toys or butt plugs have a wide range of options. These are made of silicone, metal, latex, neoprene, wood, glass, and stone among others. You may also find butt plugs that look like an animal tail. These double as sexy cosplay accessories as well. You might also find anal toys that have an attached vibrator to make things even more steamy than what a normal butt plug does.

How to Use Butt Plugs

Unlike a vagina, the anus doesn’t produce lube on its own so before trying to use any kind of anal sex toy, you need to have a personal lubricant ready. You need to lubricate both the tip of the toy as well as the butt hole. Then the user needs to get into a position that opens up the rear entry. Squatting helps. Now you can enter the butt plug but proceed with extreme caution and at a gentle pace.

Once the plug is in, you can proceed to engage in your normal sexual activity. The plug will only extend the sensations a man or a woman normally feels during sex. Once you are done, remove it and clean it according to the material of your sex toy.