Monthly Ero Gomez 5 – Yuji Gomez


Monthly Ero Gomez 5 – Yuji Gomez. Former boxing champion and 11 in. cock goes up against 3 housewives. Akari Asagiri Age 33, a super editor for a fashion magazine (big tits) while raising her kids, with a nice, tight bod and meticulous care for her skin. She came for her first visit in a while, and got her tight wet pussy scrambled up and got off over and over again during an oil massage. A super squirter with the power of the massager! She just cant get down from her high! Nana Ojima Age 30, climbs into the bed nude while letting out a little sigh… a little tired and stress. An aroused Gomez comes up from behind her dejected figure and slips his raw cock into her tight, wet, snatch. Next up, onto Ms. Rina the dentist! (huge eraser nipples, and really beautiful tits!) Rina Shirakawa Age 29, lets out all of her frustrations and sexual desire with her long-awaited egg-vibrator..

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Added on: January 20, 2023
Updated on: September 25, 2023
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